Heckler & Koch MP5K or MP5KA4


In 1976 a shortened version of the MP5A2 was introduced; the MP5K(K from the German word Kurz = "short") was designed for close quarters battle use by clandestine operations and special services. The MP5K does not have a shoulder stock (the receiver end was covered with a flat end cap, featuring a buffer on the inside and a sling loop on the outside), and the bolt and receiver were shortened at the rear. The resultant lighter bolt led to a higher rate of fire than the standard MP5. The barrel, cocking handle and its cover were shortened and a vertical foregrip was used to replace the standard handguard. The barrel ends at the base of the foresight, which prevents the use of any sort of muzzle device.

The MP5K is produced (by Heckler & Koch and under license in Iran andTurkey) in four different versions: the MP5K, MP5KA4, MP5KA1,MP5KA5, where the first two variants have adjustable, open-type iron sights (with a notched rotary drum), and the two remaining variants - fixed open sights, however the front sight post was changed and a notch was cut into the receiver top cover. The MP5K retained the capability to use optical sights through the use of an adapter.

A civilian semiautomatic derivative of the MP5K known as the SP89 was produced that had a foregrip with a muzzle guard in place of the vertical grip.

Larger caliber versionsEdit

In 1991 a further variant of the MP5K was developed, designated the MP5K-PDW (PDW – Personal Defense Weapon) that retained the compact dimensions of the MP5K but restored the fire handling characteristics of the full-size MP5A2. The MP5K-PDW uses a side-folding synthetic shoulder stock (made by the U.S. company Choate Machine and Tool), a “Navy” trigger group, a front sight post with a built-in tritium insert and a slightly lengthened threaded, three-lug barrel (analogous to the MP5-N). The stock can be removed and replaced with a receiver endplate; a rotary drum with apertures from the MP5A2 can also be used.

In 1991, Heckler & Koch introduced the MP5/10 (chambered in 10mm Auto) and MP5/40 (chambered for the .40 S&W cartridge), which are based on the MP5A4 and MP5A5. These weapons were assembled in fixed and retractable stock configurations (without a separate designation) and are fed from translucent 30-round polymer box magazines.[7] These weapons include a bolt hold-open device, which captures the bolt group in its rear position after expending the last cartridge from the magazine. The bolt is then released by pressing a lever positioned on the left side of the receiver. Both weapons use a barrel with 6 right-hand grooves and a 380 mm (1:15 in) twist rate, and like the MP5-N, both have a 3-lugged muzzle device and a tritium-illuminated front sight aiming dot.

Variants listEdit

  • HK54: The original model that was produced in the mid 1960s. It later became known as the MP5A1, a very slightly modified version. No buttstock (endplate/receiver cap in place of buttstock), "Navy"/"SEF" trigger group.
  • MP5A2: Fixed buttstock, "SEF" trigger group.
  • MP5SFA2: Fixed buttstock, single-fire (SE) trigger group.
  • MP5A3: Retractable buttstock,"SEF" trigger group.
  • MP5SFA3: Semi-automatic carbine version of MP5A3.Retractable buttstock and single-fire (SF) trigger group.
  • MP5A4: Fixed buttstock, 3-round burst trigger group.
  • MP5A5: Retractable buttstock, 3-round burst trigger group.
  • MP5-N: Model developed specifically for the U.S. Navy. Ambidextrous "Navy" trigger group, 3-lug/threaded barrel for attaching a sound suppressor; rubber-padded retractable stock.
  • MP5F: Model developed specifically for the French military. Rubber-padded retractable stock, ambidextrous sling loops/bolts and internal modifications to handle high-pressure ammunition.
  • MP5K: Short (Kurz) version, "SEF" trigger group.
    • MP5KA1: MP5K with smooth upper surface and small iron sights; "SEF" trigger group.
    • MP5KA4: MP5K with 3-round burst trigger group.
    • MP5KA5: MP5KA1 with 3-round burst trigger group.
    • MP5K-N: MP5K with "Navy" trigger group and 3-lug/threaded barrel for mounting suppressors or other muzzle attachments.
    • MP5K-PDW: Personal Defense Weapon; MP5K-N with added folding stock and 3-lug/threaded barrel for mounting of suppressors; "Navy" or 3-round burst trigger group. Introduced in 1991.
  • MP5SD1: No buttstock (endplate/receiver cap in place of buttstock), "SEF" trigger group, integrated suppressor (Schalldämpfer)
  • MP5SD2: Fixed buttstock, "SEF" trigger group, integrated suppressor.
  • MP5SD3: Retractable buttstock, "SEF" trigger group, integrated suppressor.
  • MP5SD4: No buttstock (endplate/receiver cap in place of buttstock), 3-round burst trigger group, integrated suppressor.
  • MP5SD5: Fixed buttstock, 3-round burst trigger group, integrated suppressor.
  • MP5SD6: Retractable buttstock, 3-round burst trigger group, integrated suppressor.
  • MP5SD-N1: Retractable buttstock, "Navy" trigger group, KAC stainless steel suppressor.
  • MP5SD-N2: Fixed buttstock, "Navy" trigger group, KAC stainless steel suppressor.
  • MP5/10: Chambered in 10mm Auto, available in various stock/trigger group configurations. It was produced from 1992 to 2000.
  • MP5/40: Chambered in .40 S&W, available in various stock/trigger group configurations. It was produced from 1992 to 2000.
  • HK94: American import model of the MP5 with a 16 in barrel and special safe/semi-automatic trigger group, designed for civilian use. It was made from 1983 to 1989, in three different configurations.
  • SP89: Sport Pistole M1989. Semi-automatic only version of the MP5K designed for civilian use. It had a modified foregrip redesigned into a traditional handguard to make it compliant with the Semi-Auto Weapons Ban of 1989. It was made from 1989 to 1994.
  • MP-10: A submachine gun based on the MP5. Manufactured by Special Weapons.
  • SP-10: Civilian copy of the above mentioned MP-10.



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